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Dongguan Melinco Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, which is known as the “World Factory”. We are the leading spray nozzle manufacturer in China and have 15 years of experience in producing some nozzle parts. We provide standard and custom-designed spray solutions and spray nozzles for various industries and applications.

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Full Cone Nozzles

The full cone nozzle is the most commonly used nozzle type in the industry. The liquid is sprayed out in a cone and can be used for cleaning, coating, cooling, disinfection and other applications.

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Flat Fan Nozzles

The flat fan nozzle is the most commonly used nozzle type in the industry. The flat fan nozzle has high strength, long life, large pressure adaptability, not easy to be blocked, uniform water distribution, corrosion resistance, and has a wide range of versatility in various application fields.

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Hollow Cone Nozzles

The spray form of the hollow cone nozzle is a cone-shaped hollow ring. The flow direction of the water before entering the hollow cone nozzle is along the axis. The particle size of the atomization is small and it is not easy to be blocked. It is mainly used for dust removal, air humidification, and product removal. Pollution, sulfur combustion, and other equipment requiring cooling.

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Spiral Nozzles

Spiral nozzle has an unblocked straight-through flow channel design without an inner core, which can make the liquid reach the maximum flow rate on a pipe of a given size.

There are two spray modes, solid cone and hollow cone, with high efficiency and large spray angle, Anti-clogging. Therefore, spiral nozzle is suitable for many industrial fields such as chemical industry, environmental protection, electric power, textile and so on.

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Tank Cleaning Nozzles

Tank cleaning is an important process in many industrial applications. Nozzles can help maximize the efficiency of cleaning applications by ensuring the correct distribution of cleaning media and/or maximizing the effect of the available flow rate/pressure in the system. Almost all of these tanks must Clean before and/or after use to remove residues and contaminants. To ensure hygiene and prevent product contamination.

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Air Atomizing Nozzles

Air atomizing nozzle is a device that generates mist by air flow and liquid flow. The internal structure design can make the liquid and gas evenly mixed. By increasing the gas pressure or reducing the liquid pressure, a finer droplet spray can be obtained, which leads to a relatively small spray. High gas flow rate than liquid flow rate.

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Misting Nozzles

Misting nozzle can produce a fine atomization effect, the spray angle is from 45-90 degrees, and the atomized particle diameter is 10~50um. The nozzle is embedded with stainless steel nozzle core and stainless steel guide vane, and contains a drip-proof device. The liquid is 20kg -120kg water pressure, high-speed flow, a centrifugal vortex is formed in the guide vane, and very fine hollow fog particles are ejected from the nozzle hole.

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Plastic Spray Nozzles

PVDF is a high-hard material with high mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, and excellent chemical resistance. Wide selection range, long service life, suitable for most commonly used pipelines, and provide different injection flow rates and angles to meet various needs.

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Clamp Nozzles

Clamp nozzle is composed of a base, a cap, a sealing ring, a spring clip, and a nozzle. This combined nozzle system can provide three different spray modes: fan, hollow cone, and solid cone. Through the combination of threaded ball, quick release ball and various common traditional nozzles, the nozzle series of adjustable spherical nozzles can be further expanded to meet diverse application requirements.

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Nozzles For Paper Industry

Paper nozzles can be used to cut the edges of the paper. It has the characteristics of precise and clean edge trimming. It can form a linear liquid column flow under different pressure conditions and can withstand pressures up to 140 bar. Paper nozzle material is made of 316 stainless steel or High alumina ceramics

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Oil Burner Nozzles

Oil Burner nozzle is a special nozzle for atomizing fuel, which can produce hollow and solid spray shapes. Generally, there are several spray angles of 30, 45, 60, and 80 degrees. When studying its flow and angle parameters for this type of nozzle, its viscosity and density are generally considered. It has small size, simple structure and low manufacturing cost.

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Mixing Eductor

Under the action of pump pressure, the liquid enters the mixed flow nozzle and achieves high-speed movement. Through the fluid momentum exchange, a low-pressure area is formed around the guide port. Due to the pressure difference in the area and the hydraulic momentum acting on the attracted liquid, the high-speed working jet and the attracted fluid are made. Together with 1:4 fluid delivery into the mixing and diffusion section and sprayed out to achieve the solution without air mixing and stirring.

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Jeltecn Spraying is a great company. Thank you Toby and the entire engineering team for your support and guidance to make my project more successful. Thank you very much for your tremendous efforts. Looking forward to our great success together!

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Thanks to Jeltecn spraying team for solving the spraying problems that have plagued us for months. They really work hard and are the fastest reply no matter when. they fulfill what they promise with delivery on time and with great efficiency. Great job!

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What is Spray Nozzle?

Spray Nozzle is a very important part of spraying, oil spraying, spraying and other equipment

Application of Spray Nozzles

Cleaning, spraying, painting, fire prevention, lubrication, dust removal, humidification, cutting, irrigation, etc.

Nozzle Material

Brass, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel. PVC, CPVC, Polypropylene, PVDF, etc.

Do you have MOQ?

According to the purchased product, the minimum order quantity is 1pcs

Which payment method is accepted?

T/T, Paypal,Western Union

Delivery time?

According to the purchase quantity, the general delivery time is 7-10 days, and the delivery time for small orders is 3-5 days.

Are you a factory or trading company?

We are a specialized manufacturer in industry spray nozzles.

Can I make OEM order?

Yes, We can supply different sizes, our products can be customized.

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Please send us your purchase order by Email or call us sales.

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