What is Spiral Spray Nozzle?

What is Spiral Spray Nozzle?

Spray Nozzle products include spiral nozzles, full cone nozzles, hollow cone nozzles, air atomizing nozzles, mixed flow nozzles, ultrasonic nozzles, oil nozzles, tank cleaning nozzles, etc.

Spiral nozzles are also called desulfurization nozzles, anti-clogging nozzles, large flow nozzles, dust removal nozzles, and corrosion-resistant nozzles. , the liquid flow rate range is 5.5-4140 L/min. This compact nozzle features an unobstructed flow path that minimizes fluid blockage and maximizes fluid flow in a given size pipe.

Structure and Material

Spiral nozzles can be installed or retrofitted on most piping systems. The nozzle has internal and external thread types. Nozzles are available with NPT or BSPT (external) threads. Typically 1/4 inch to 6-inch nozzles can be fabricated from brass, 316 stainless steel casting, PVDF, silicon carbide, TEFLON, or polyvinyl chloride, respectively. For special applications, other materials can also be used.

Working Mode

When the screw nozzle works, the liquid in the screw is injected into a metal protruding outer orifice of the screw. This breaks the traditional spray pattern where the fluid enters the relatively fine many concentric rings to form a complete conical spray shape. The result is an unevenly distributed spray pattern rather than a full cone spray pattern.

Spiral nozzles for injection are suitable for injecting fluids into gas streams rather than liquid streams. Spiral nozzles can produce flows as low as 0.534 L/min.

The design of the spiral nozzle is very natural and has the characteristics of anti-clogging, but in actual operation, attention should be paid to the selection standard of the nozzle length

How Spiral Nozzle Works

After the liquid (or slurry) is tangent and collided with the continuously smaller helical surface, it becomes tiny liquid droplets and sprays out to form a mist. The streamlined design of the nozzle cavity from inlet to outlet minimizes drag coefficient, making spiral nozzles suitable for a variety of jobs. For example, the chemical industry, environmental protection, electric power, textile, and many other industrial fields, especially the flue gas desulfurization and dust removal industry are more widely used. Its wear resistance, corrosion resistance, fogging properties, and anti-blocking properties have been accepted by many users in the industry.

Scope of application of spiral nozzle

1. Exhaust gas washing;

2. Gas cooling;

3. Washing and rinsing process;

4. Fire extinguishing;

5. Used in flue gas desulfurization system;

6. Used in dust removal and dust reduction systems;

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